Talking AJ1 Rebellionaire

Talking AJ1 Rebellionaire

On February 25th, 1985 Nike received an official notice from the NBA prohibiting Michael Jordan from wearing red and black Nike basketball shoes on October 18th, 1984.

On October 18th, 1984, a young rookie name Michael Jordan rebelled and wore red and black shoes to a preseason game at Madison Square Garden.

Join us in space to celebrate AJ1 Rebellionaire's message of breaking barriers and moving your community to new heights, with a gallery of Michael Jordan's biggest moments, music, and drinks.

Joining the celebratory event does not guarantee you access to the shoe.

3.17.22 Columbia 1pm-4pm

3.17.22 Tallahassee 1pm-4pm

3.17.22 Jacksonville 5pm-7pm

3.18.22 Charleston 1pm-4pm

3.18.22 Greenville 4pm-7pm