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Social Status x Diadora: B. Elite 'X-Pic' [Wine] - APB Store

Social Status x Diadora: B. Elite 'X-Pic' [Wine]

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We have partnered up once again with Italian footwear company Diadora to rework one of the most beloved court models in the history of sneakers: the B. Elite.

The B. Elite was first introduced to the market back in 1981 and was used by some of the most incredible tennis champions of the decade. Now, 36 years later, the Italian brand has partnered with one of the top premium sneaker retailers in North America to create the “X Pic,” which was inspired by the traditional desert moccasin slippers.


  • Suede Upper
  • Leather Laces 
  • "X" Stitching
  • 3 Colored Beads on the laces

SKU: 501.170356-55011

Social Status x Diadora: B. Elite 'X-Pic' [Wine]

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