APB Person of Interest: Lex Andretti

While on a trip to Los Angeles, we had a chance to sit down with artist Lex Andretti for our APB Person of Interest series. Originally from Maryland, we asked Lex about her journey of getting to LA, her process, and even getting into music to begin with. We also got into her recent travels to Tokyo, where she spoke broefly about her experience there. She happens to be a jill of all trades, making a career out of her art as well as her music. Check out more about Lex through her interview below.

Coming from Maryland, how was it making a move to a place like LA?

The transition was amazing. I loved the change of scenery, entertainment and people. There's no place like LA but there's definitely no place like home. DMV has my heart.

Talk about the difference of the vibes here than anywhere?

I mean, there's just much more diversity here so you meet all types of people and accomplish things you'd never even think of doing. This city is in some creative rush. I love it.  

Does LA do something different for your creative process?

When I wake up in the morning and see the mountains and palm trees in the horizon and I look down from the condo and see people running in yoga clothes with starbucks, it really motivates me to wake up and be the best me. haha Live in the moment type shit. 

Your first love was painting but you recently started making music. What got you into the music, as far as creating it?

I used to freestyle a lot in my head then write stuff down in my notes for captions for my instagram pics. That eventually turned into lyrics. I started recording when I got to about 200 notes. I always had friends growing up that did music and opened me up to a lot. 

Do you approach the art and music in a similar creative manner?

Absolutely not. Whenever I want to start a painting I neverrrr know what to do. I might just stare at the canvas but I never freehand just sketch anything besides a little comic face, if that. Making music comes to me so much easier. I usually make more than one song per day.

Talk about your Tokyo trip a bit. How was that? Was it the first time?
Tokyo was amazing. It was my first time. Its very crowded there but everyone walks their own path and its easy to maneuver. I could pretty much walk anywhere, everyone else was. My first day there, it was raining pretty hard. Seeing everyone in Shibuya Crossing walking with clear umbrellas was my favorite thing to see. I love being around different color lights, so at night everything felt like a movie. The strip clubs are odd. The culture was different, but so VERY dope. Too many fly fits in Japan, probably because its shops on every corner, every alley, every turn. Lol The one thing I didn't like was the chicken, its so different compared to here. I actually became a pescatarian when I got back. Besides that, I had no complaints. I'm taking steps to learning Japanese so I can understand everything I'm looking at when I go back. 


A "WOW" moment of your career. Painting and music.

I went to college at NC A&T for four years but never finished because something in the family came up. To cope with the situation, I started painting. I was really struggling at the time to find myself and elevate. I remember my mom telling me not to be a starving artist and to pretty much find a real job. You know how most parents are. At that time, I was working on an oil painting of Rae Sremmurd, Gucci Mane, and Mike Will as the "Black Beatles". I told her I was going to sell that painting for some ridiculous amount (to me at the time) and two months later I did. All cash from one of those artists. It felt great to prove to my mother that art can pay off. She's one of the most supportive people in my corner now.

I have wow moments with my music career everyday when I think of new ideas. Before I released any music, I performed two shows back in DC and everyone came out to support. Most of my friends already knew the words. Definitely a wow moment.

What's next?

Hopefully, my future consists of being a female F1 driver and meeting Charlie Wilson or something, but in the meantime I plan on putting out a new project to start the new year. Mostly R&B, maybe get back to oil painting. Travel more.

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