Next up in the APB Artist Series is Graphic Design/Creative Director @Fart.PDF . He is based out of Columbia, SC and uses graphic design as his way to enjoy life through branding and finding his own identity. Check out the interview below to learn a little bit more about our next artist in the APB Art Series. 

How did you get your start in art and graphic design? 

I used to get bored easily, so I needed to entertain myself. I always liked cartoons growing up like “Looney Tunes”, “Dragon Ball Z”...shows like that. What I would do is get those coloring books and trace the characters.That taught me how to draw. 

I got into graphic design just from drawing on my phone using a couple of different mobile apps that I could edit some photos with illustrative kind of art. Everything I learned from doing on the phone, just shifted over to the computer. I applied my knowledge of technical art into the computer screen. 

What does graphic design mean to you?

It’s honestly like symbolism. It’s branding, identity and it’s just how we enjoy life. Graphic design helps me enjoy life. 

In looking at the design that you created for us, Where did you get your inspirations? 

Well those images are from an artist that recently collaborated with Dior. His name is Hajime Sorayama. He has a couple of different robots. I like to give things a more modern, urban take. 

I am mainly inspired by things that interest me.  My main inspirations come from other artists as well like Andy Warhol, Vincent Van Gogh, and Jean-Michel Basquiat. 

What advice would you give someone trying to get into the art industry? 

To know what you like and to become a consumer then you can know how things affect you. It allows you to be able to really know what you like and dislike about something. 

Anything else that you want the world to know about you, your art, or anything in general?

I am multidisciplinary because of my surroundings.  From the outside, Columbia, SC doesn’t have much but the people here are forced to dig further so that they can be more cultured. I feel like my taste/style developed because of my need to not be uncultured.

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