#APBStyle: Cammy

Exploring Aesthetics with Cammy Cartier

Introducing Cammy Cartier, a senior Apparel Design student at North Carolina Central University with a passion for streetwear and sneaker culture. Cammy's personal style is versatile, with a willingness to explore different aesthetics and a focus on confidence as the key accessory.

How would you describe your personal style?

CAMMY: I wouldn’t say I have a distinct personal style. I dress day by day based on my moods and schedule. Some days I enjoy dressing over the top and putting on a full fit from head to toe especially if I’m being seen a lot. Some days I dress more down to earth and chill when I’m lounging around or just running errands. 


Your fave place to hang out in your local neighborhood?

CAMMY: My favorite place to hang out in my local neighborhood would be my design studio on campus. It’s really great being around like-minded individuals who share similar goals and passions. Not to mention it’s a creative space outlet. 


What is the best advice you can give to someone who is just now trying to find their own personal style?

CAMMY: The best advice that I can give to someone who just now is trying to find their personal style is not to be afraid to try different styles. Have fun exploring different aesthetics, try them all! Don’t ever feel limited to one style. More importantly, the best accessory to wear is confidence! As long as you feel confident in your outfit, in your pieces that’s all that matters. 

What are some go-to pieces that you wear all of the time?

CAMMY: Some go-to pieces that I wear all the time would be my jewelry. I’m from the South so I take pride in my necklaces, earrings, rings, anklets, etc. I see accessories as the “cherry on top” of outfits, they’re the final touch.


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