Be@rbrick by Medicom

In every perfect home, there are a few things that are all the same. Beautiful windows, perfect countertop, pristine flooring, and a Be@rbrick standing tall somewhere in the main living area. Be@rbrick by Medicom has been a quintessential piece of American/Japanese culture since it's creation. Based on Medicom’s original “Kubrick” (inspired by legendary filmmaker Stanley Kubrick)  Be@rbricks continues to be the statement piece everywhere it is seen.

Originally conceptualized by the founder of Medicom Toy Tatsuhiko Akashi in 2001, as a gift for attendees at the 2001 World Character Convention in Tokyo. Combining the silhouette of the Kubrick design, along with the head of a teddy bear, the Be@rbrick was born. Since its original inception, Be@brick has become more than a “toy”, but a prized possession in streetwear culture.

As the popularity of Be@rbircks continues to grow, the collaborations are endless. Ranging from iconic characters like Mickey Mouse, Pink Panther, and Tweety Bird, to even artists like Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat, the list continues to grow exponentially.

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