Clothing brand, Icecream is all about the heart and mind

Wealth is of the heart and mind. Not the pocket. That’s the motto of the renowned Billionaire Boys Club. Icecream clothing is a subsidiary of BBC, known for effortlessly merging streetwear and skateboard cultures. Icecream delivers a unique, graphic based aesthetic that has made its way through countless minds and pockets through fashion. 

Pharrell Williams is a music icon, and his deep ties to the music industry along with legendary Nigo’s history of fashion design allowed this collaboration to be all the more exceptional. The connections to music lifestyle & Japanese fashion created a special lane for Icecream. Forever integrated into ”the culture,” the hip hop fashion elements are etched into the flashy prints, luxury taste, and streetwear styles and makes wear all the more desirable. 

Since the brand's launch in 2004, Icecream has become a staple in the industry with its iconic arch logo and astronaut mascot. The eye-catching style graphics and unique design is recognizable on all stages and screens across the world. Offering a variety of tees, hoodies, pants, accessories and footwear. Icecream  has influenced the youth culture by advocating for individualism through fashion, for over a decade.

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