APB Person Interest: Daiana Veron


In this day and age, we have the internet which makes a lot accessible for the youth culture. And with a little hard work and originality, you can stick out and make your personal brand be known with likes of social media and content creation. 

Meet Daiana Veron, a jill of all trades. Calling her an "influencer" would simply be an understatement. She is currently co-founder and designer of a brand called Manall and she also works hand in hand with some of our favorite sneaker and clothing brands as an influencer. We traveled to Charleston, SC, where she currently resides to get some insight into who she was not only as brand but as a person. She spoke about her upbringing in Argentina and much more. Check out the conversation below.

Tell me a little about who you are.

If I had to describe who I am I would say "go-getter" describes me best. Over these past years I've grown significantly and I feel like I've changed a lot but something that has never changed has been my drive to achieve anything I put my mind to. Currently I would say I am a woman who loves creating

Talk about growing up in Argentina 

Growing up in Argentina definitely taught me to be grateful for the smallest things in life. I grew up pretty poor but even to this day the best life memories I have are from home. Simple living teaches you to embrace the small wins and reminds you how lucky we are to have another day.

What brought you to the states? 

A better lifestyle brought my family and I to the US. I was only 10 years old when I moved so didn't have a choice. Besides the fact of being far from my extended family I wouldn't change a thing. I would've never had the opportunity to do better for myself if we never left Argentina.

Kaws or Murakami and why? 

This is tough one, I am a fan of both. Kaws and Murakami are both iconic in their own ways. I would pick Takashi Murakami based on the fact that I love flowers.

Talk about the brand you design for, Manall Brand. Give us a bit of insight on your role as a designer.

The idea of MANALL started about a year and a half ago between my partner Tyler Bowman and I. We launched our first collection Dec of 2017. MANALL is a collective of things: We named the brand MANALL to unify women and men, unify every race/ethnicity, skin color, age, sexual preference and so on. With my ethnicity being Latino I've had my fair shares of feeling excluded while living in the US; so I wanted this to feel like something you can relate to no matter the circumstances. Which is how we came up with the thumbprint logo- everyone has their own identity, their own fingerprint, their own story. So the moment we thought of that, it instantly clicked for us. With being familiar with the process of being an artist we wanted to also use our platform to highlight creatives who work/model for us, we think it's important to help those who are hustling just as much as we are to make their dreams reality! Becoming a designer for MANALL was one of the most liberating feeling, it is a opportunity to express my style for the world to see. My process of designing comes from wanting apparel that wasn't out in the market for purchase. Also when designing we keep in mind that its a unisex piece, so we try our best to add as many self altering details as possible for our consumers to adjust to their liking. 

You guys won a competition, the Jeff Staple competition. How did it feel to win and tell us about the process of what went into winning? 

The Skillshare x Jeff Staple competition was an amazing experience. The process was overall pretty simple, we submitted a video to showcase the brand, our designs, and part of the competition was to design a accessory of some sort. Over 800 brands participated, from those 800 the top 6 were chosen to attend Agenda Las Vegas on a all paid trip. We were chosen as one of the top 6, and on the second day of Agenda Jeff Staple announced the top 3 winners of the competition. We won third place and a thousand dollars to put towards MANALL. For us the recognition meant so much more than the prize. MANALL's first launch is less than a year old, so to have the extra assurance that we are on the right path meant so much to us. Overall the opportunity to get an idea of where we need to be and networking with amazing people in the industry is priceless.

I see that you are also starting something of your own, MDRN Archives. No posts on the IG account as of yet but if you can briefly speak about the vision you have for it. 

MDRN Archives is my personal creative hub. I started this because I wanted to showcase the many things I do besides what you see on my personal Instagram. In my opinion somethings are better understood once they are seen. A lot of people do not know that I am designer, that I help my friends with creative direction for their personal brand, that I am a decent photographer, that I edit all my personal pictures, etc. Over these past years I've had numerous people approach me looking to get into the industry. At first I wasn't sure if I was ready to take this on full force but, I've been working closely with my best friend on her brand. The progress that we've both seen on her brand has given me more confidence to make this another branch of my career as a creative director. I believe that I have the diversity experience to help people start evolving on their career paths the same way I built my own from the ground up.

What’s been your biggest “WOW” moment since being in the industry? 

My biggest "wow" moment in the industry has to be getting the acknowledgement from some of the top sneaker companies like Adidas and Jordan Brand. Knowing that your work is being noticed is the greatest reward of all.

What age did you start getting more interested in styling your outfits and how it make you feel when you found your personal style? 

I've always been interested in fashion, even as a kid I would make my own doll clothes with scrap fabric. However it wasn't really until high school when I had my first job that I was really able to afford anything I liked. Of course my style has definitely changed since high school.

As a female in the streetwear industry, what are your strengths and weaknesses: As a woman in streetwear my greatest strength is definitely my liberty to speak on things that matter to me. I believe there are a lot of people in streetwear that could use their platforms to educate people past on what they are wearing. My weakness I believe at the moment is my location, I feel that relocating to a bigger city will help my brand grow even more.

What are your favorite shoes and why: I have two favorite pairs of shoes and I can't pick one over the other at all. My OG blue Pharrell NMDs because I am huge fan of everything Pharrell has done. From his understanding of culture diversity to his personal achievements in the industry. Second pair is the Aleali May 1s, she is a huge inspiration to me. She's worked from the ground up to become a huge figure in the women streetwear industry. Her hustle and achievements with Jordan Brand are reminder to me that everything is possible!

How would you describe your style in 3 words? 

Comfortable, Sporty, Diverse

Favorite genre of music?

My favorite type of music is def the "alternative" "contemporary" R&B- The SZA, Jorja Smith, Alina Baraz, Sango, Xavier Omar of the industry.

Hobbies beside fashion? 

I secretly love photography, drawing and working out.

How does fashion shape the world in your perspective? 

To me fashion brings people together, you can see someone wear a pair sneakers you really like and instantly make a connection with them!

What are good things do you want to do in the fashion world that others aren’t doing? 

More people of color doing dope things!!! Even though the industry is slowly heading that direction this something that should've been happening for years!

Who do you want to inspire? 

Of course women, but more specifically Latina women. Latina women tend to grow up in very traditional families and often don't express themselves the way they should

What message do you have for people trying to do the same thing as you?  Stay original to who you are, it's easy to get caught up on "what's popular" and forget to stay true to yourself.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Not sure what life has in store for me 5 years from today, but I do hope to be working for myself and traveling the world to experience new cultures.

To conclude what are 3 goals that you want to accomplish before the year is up? 

1. Go freelance and completely work for my self.
2. Volunteer for a non-profit
3. Improve my photography skills

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