Day of Service with The Whitaker Grp

The Whitaker Project is the non-profit arm of The Whitaker Grp with a mission of being a change agent for our global communities by enhancing accessibility to knowledge, resources, and experiences. Our teams prioritize Day of Service, dedicating an entire day every quarter to extending a helping hand to our cities. This commitment stems from our deeply held mission of giving back to the communities that support us.

Our teams at A Ma Maniére, Social Status, and APB dedicated their time to serve our cities through Day of Service. Recognizing the significance of community engagement and collective action, they actively contributed to making a positive impact.


The team in Houston volunteered at the Houston Food Bank, recognizing the critical importance of aiding those facing food insecurity. With a strong sense of social responsibility, they engaged in sorting, boxing, and fulfilling orders for essential goods.


In Atlanta, the team volunteered with Empty Stocking Fund, a non-profit organization helping children in need, to help local teachers shop for school and classroom supplies, restocking supplies, and spreading joy.


From the Tampa and Charlotte teams giving out food and care packages to the homeless community to our Greensboro team volunteering with Greensboro Parks & Recreation for their Glenwood Grind event centered around the city's skating community, their dedication to serving our cities helps us remain impactful.⁠ Our Social Status teams not only provided sustenance, but also offered a moment of kindness to individuals experiencing hardship.



In preparation for the annual St. Pat’s in Five Points, dubbed as South Carolina’s largest one-day festival, the Columbia team spent the day preparing the notable flags found throughout the streets of downtown.


Inspired by Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the team in Tallahassee and Charleston dedicated their time to extend kindness and support to those facing adversity within our community. Tallahassee dedicated their day to serving at The Kearney Center, a beacon of hope for many, by distributing warm meals and snacks. This act of service reflects our team’s unwavering commitment to embodying Dr. King’s vision of compassion, empathy, and solidarity.


As we strive to create a more equitable and inclusive society for all, we invite you to remain engaged and continue fostering positive change as we move forward with more initiatives aimed at serving individuals and families in our cities.


If you are a local organization that needs additional support and volunteers, please reach out to


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