Honor the Gift

Founded by NBA superstar player Russell Westbrook, Honor the Gift takes pride in deep brown tones and off-colored pieces. With boxy-fit T-shirts, perfectly oversized crewnecks and sweatpants, you can see the attention to detail that Honor the Gift puts into each and every piece.

Honor the Gift's newest release of pieces takes a new spin on the essence of threading. The brand’s cream “weathered” crewneck has their name threaded onto it in an off-colored grey, while sweatpants also feature the same threading but with “HTG” sewed across the middle of the piece. With the release, they also feature beautifully created button-ups that feature their signature crest logo on the left chest pocket. The button-up is 100% cotton which only adds to the relaxed energy that Honor the Gift exudes.

Honor the Gift continues to only add to the comfortable essence of their brand with each release. As they continue to be a brand of self-dedication and belief, Honor the Gift truly is a brand that honors you as a person with the love that you deserve.


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