Let's Vote! Check out the Chinatown Market and APB Voting Tee

Plain and simple: VOTE.

It’s the only call to action that matters at a time when our nation’s future hangs in the balance. November is fast approaching, and all our efforts are focused on making sure voter registration and turnout are at an all-time high in our communities.

Sharing that vision is the team at Chinatown Market, dropping their timely “Vote” tee, exclusively available through The Whitaker Grp. True to its graphic tee origins, this drop serves as a nod to the USPS. Featuring a bear-like postman reporting for duty and delivering ballots against all odds, it sheds a light on the postal service’s pivotal role in this year’s voting process.



With this capsule, the LA-based label adds to the growing voices of creators and designers taking a stand against a flawed electoral process. Releasing in black and white variations, the Vote tee uses the power of the Chinatown Market brand to spread awareness and get us mobilized.

Shop the Chinatown Market “Vote” tee now online at http://apbstore.com and head over to www.whenweallvote.org/whitakergrp to get registered to vote (if you haven’t already)!