Pleasures returns with a New Collection

PLEASURES is back with a new seasonal range collection and Alex James heavy hits again with the latest drop. We introduced Pleasures this year as a new tongue-in-cheek, LA fashion brand that gained popularity across the world through controversial statement pieces. It didn’t take long for the brand to begin selling out collections and catching the eyes of A-List celebrities. This edition is nothing short of a masterpiece as James once again delivers meaningful design, grunge graphics, and clothing that evoke feelings of expression. 



This collection features a wide range of pieces such as lightweight jackets, rayon button-downs, polo shirts, shorts, hats, and masks. In a time of practicing safe measurements worldwide, PLEASURES was proactive in adding stylish masks to the bunch. Many of the tee’s feature the infamous PLEASURES font printed across t-shirts and hoodies, skeleton graphics, and we even got a few visual prints that align with the DIY subculture we often see in James’s collections. This season was so powerful because it had a lot of contributions from a diverse lineup of creatives including Hong Kong-based visual artist DJ Healthy, Ohio based graphic artist Zach Halfhill, painter and printer Casson, French illustrator Regards Coupables and legendary recording artists The Flaming Lips. 


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