Renowned LA Destined for Greatness... It’s just a matter of time.

Telling the story for the kid inside us all. 

Renowned LA uses clothing to tell stories for the dreamer on their journey towards the American Dream. Renowned explores the ideas, desires, and realities through collections that are based around paradoxical ideas of the American Dream.

Designer John Dean founded Renowned in 2011 while in high school just as a fun concept for clothing that he wanted to wear. After graduating and moving to LA, the brand’s mission started to shift as the designer began to take the brand to new heights.

“Our brand stands for our idea of the American dream,” Dean said. “The American dream can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people … but we’re all on this journey to what we think of as success, or what we think of as making it.”

Now, a successful fashion brand, Renowned LA clothing is described as “idealistic, unique, hopeful” but most of all destined for greatness... it’s just a matter of time.



Renowned LA is now available in-store and at!

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