The Life of Pi'erre 4 Album Review

Since 2016, the South Carolina native, Pi’erre Bourne has taken a break from his own music and has been producing for some of the top artists such as Playboi Carti, Lil Uzi Vert, 21 Savage and more. He made a name for himself with Carti’s hit track, Magnolia. The simple four-note beat turned Bourne into one of the most sought-after producers. 

Instead of continuing to supply hits to others, Bourne has refocused his passions into his own solo career with the drop of his major-label debut, The Life of Pi’erre 4. The question that everyone is waiting to be answered is simple...Can Pi’erre Bourne carry a project on his own? Here’s what some of the staff had to say.

“I thought the album was pretty straight. The production is amazing but that is what I expected from Pi’erre. The auto-tune kind of takes away from the actual content of the album but overall I would say it was okay.”  - Arvanna, Copywriter

“I’m a supporter of Pi’erre Bourne of the simple fact that he’s from the Carolinas. It’s great to see him continue his stint of growing into a full artist rather than a producer. His latest album, The Life of Pi’erre 4, was hard though. His production is getting even more polished and the auto tune was a great compliment to his vocals.” - Jeffrey, Social Media 

The Life of Pi’erre 4 is a firm showcase of Pi’erre’s exceptional production skills, however overall the vocals and rapping fall short of previous loose tracks released. The melodic breaks in this project, like on the track “Ballad”, lack any 808s at all. It’s a refreshing take on the life of Pi’erre ;  a complete 180 from most of his 808 heavy work. The transitions between songs on The Life of Pi'erre 4 are swift outros and intros that could act as interludes on any studio album. Pi’erre solidifies his position as a top producer but still does not live up to the promise of being better than Kanye, especially when it comes to vocals.”  - Mike, Photographer

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