Addressing Gun Violence and Trauma in the Black Community: Insights from the White House

On June 17th 2024, the White House hosted the Convening on Gun Violence and Trauma in the Black Community.

In line with the current administration’s efforts to reduce gun violence, the summit brought together leaders from across regions and culture to discuss, outline, and create actionable solutions to further the work needed to protect the country’s most vulnerable communities.

James Whitner joined a panel and group of esteemed and committed change advocates, discussing the critical importance of capacity-building, investment, and infrastructure development in our communities, as catalysts to fuel a positive, virtuous cycle at the heart of predominantly Black and Brown enclaves.

In a key election year, his message echoed the larger mission of staying engaged, mobilized, and focused on actions and solutions – wherever we all are, the power of collective action is the key to change.

Follow-up actions will take place in key states including Pennsylvania, North Carolina and more. If you would like to connect on how we can all serve and share or join in on actions and events, please email us at

The work continues.

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