#APBStyle: Cozy

The Art of Style and Comfort

Introducing Cozy (IG: @shotbycozyy), a talented photographer from Rock Hill, SC, with a deep passion for music and an eye for capturing moments. Inspired by the fusion of streetwear and music, join us as we delve into his unique lens, exploring the intersection of personal style and comfortable fashion in the ever-evolving world of #APBStyle.




What inspiration do you draw from to bring your outfits together?

COZY: Older fashion icons and artists in the music industry.


How important is versatility in your wardrobe? Do you prefer pieces that can be styled in multiple ways?

COZY: I do prefer pieces that I can style multiple ways since I definitely recycle certain fits. Until I get to a point where I can buy pieces and not wear them again, I’ll get pieces that I can be versatile with.


 (cozy is wearing Honor the Gift Field Hand Short Sleeve Tee & Pleasures Coffer Shorts)


How do you develop your style? Are you inspired often or do you already know what you like to wear?

COZY: I get inspiration from the world everyday! Social media runs the world now so it’s easy to get inspired.


 (Cozy is wearing Honor the Gift Muscle Tee & Denim Shorts)


Are there any specific fashion icons or influencers who inspire your style choices?

COZY: Shai Alexander and lately Stefon Diggs


How do you express your individuality through your fashion choices?

COZY: I just want to make sure I’m comfortable and cozy! Doing that makes me feel my best.


(Cozy is wearing Icecream Gum Short Sleeve Tee)


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