#APBStyle: Jadyn!

Meet our stylish friend from NC State.

Get ready to step into the world of #APBStyle with Jadyn, a student at NC State who's taking the campus by storm with her impeccable sense of style. Take a peek into Jadyn's daily routine and explore how she balances comfort and practicality with fashion-forward choices. Jadyn's unique fashion sense and confident attitude serve as an inspiration, and we're excited to share her insights with you. 

How would you describe your personal style?

JADYN: I wouldn’t say I have a strict personal style. Music definitely influences the direction of how I want to dress that day. I listen to music all the time from the beginning of when I wake up, so when I am really feeling a song I base my outfit on that mood. Some artists I’m into are Tyler the Creator, Anderson Paak, and Tame Impala. I love experimenting with all sorts of styles. Some days I want to dress feminine, other days I want to be more comfortable and masculine, and there are days where I want to be androgynous.


What advice would you give to others who are looking to develop their own sense of style and build a wardrobe that they love?

JADYN: Microtrends are a big thing happening in fashion right now and it can either lead you to finding what you genuinely like and want to wear on your body, or it could also lead to confusion on how to style some specific pieces. Stick to the basics and build using accessories and colors that speak to you. For some, it can be neutrals, pastels, or darker colors. Building your wardrobe takes time, so invest in pieces you know you’ll use for a while. Social media is a great resource for style inspiration but don’t let it dictate everything you buy.


What are some of your go-to pieces that you wear all the time, and how do you style them in different ways?

JADYN: One of my favorite pieces from APB is the Life Crewneck from Nike. It’s a cream-colored knit sweater and if you look closely, a big Nike Swoosh is subtly knitted into the pattern. I’m a big Nike fan so It’s a great conversational piece when people notice it in public. It’s a great solo and layering piece and versatile because of the color and silhouette. Unsurprisingly, my Nike Vomero 5’s from APB are also my go-to piece. They’ve been recently retro’d with cool and wearable colorways and have the best comfort when I am walking on campus. They’re the perfect dad shoe with a vintage vibe to it. 


Finally, can you share any fashion tips or tricks that you’ve learned over the years that have helped you to create stylish outfits and feel confident in your own skin?

JADYN: I know I said this before but, LISTEN TO MUSIC! I feel like that’s my secret trick because it dictates what vibe I want to portray myself as that day.

Find one thing you know you want to wear that day. Whether it be a pair of sneakers, pants, shirt, or accessory. You can base your whole outfit around that one piece instead of scrambling to find a bunch of things that will maybe look good together.

It’s ok to repeat outfits. Most of the time, curating a good outfit is all in your head. If you’ve already made a great fit before then you know it’s always going to look good. Simple as that. None of us have a closet with infinite clothes and that’s ok!

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