From Tally to the World

An APB x FAMU Lebron XX Celebration



APB Tallahassee's activation for the APB x FAMU Lebron XX collaboration was an electrifying celebration that ignited the spirit of FAMU pride. As sneaker enthusiasts and Rattlers united, the space was embraced by the essence of Tally and the passion that defines FAMU. From special guests to captivating live entertainment, the event fostered a connection that transcended geographical boundaries.

In a mesmerizing display of personal style and support, attendees proudly sported their FAMU gear or their favorite Lebron sneakers, paying homage to this exclusive collaboration. From Tally to the World exemplified excellence, unity, cultural significance, and unparalleled style, leaving an impact on all who attended. This release served as a testament to the unbreakable bond between Rattlers and fostered a sense of connection with those around the globe.



For the Neighborhood

Along with this activation we were honored to welcome the Boys & Girls Club from Big Ben, Tallahassee, FL, to APB for our APB X FAMU Lebron XX launch. As a gesture of our commitment to supporting the youth in our local neighborhoods, The Whitaker Project celebrated the exclusive release by gifting them to the dedicated members of the Boys & Girls Club. It was an unforgettable experience to inspire the next generation of athletes.



From Tally to the World, has left an important mark, embodying the unwavering legacy and unwritten chapters that have yet to come.

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