Introducing Franchise

Franchise has one true love above everything else, basketball. The sport, the players, and the culture, is what creates the foundation of Franchise. The brand continues to show that love for the culture overall with their graphic apparel. Now available at APB, Franchise continues to pay tribute to the sport by creating amazing graphics that show where their heart lies with their Spring/Summer 2022 collection.

Showcasing your love for basketball through clothes is no easy task, but Franchise makes it seem effortless. The piece features a halftone basketball with “SHOOT AND RUN” plastered on the front in a bold green color. Franchise can also take a simple approach to their apparel, and just show who they are as a brand with the black Franchise tee featuring Olde English font.

Franchise has again and again proven that they are more than lovers of basketball, but can help impact the overall sport. From magazines to graphics for the playoff season, Franchise will always and forever associate themselves with the sport itself.


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