Introducing NEW Tongue-In-Cheek T-Shirt brand PLEASURES

Check out the Los Angeles streetwear brand PLEASURES, created by designer Alex James that features a contemporary expression of the eternally influential and relevant. The brand looks to create an identity beyond just physical garments by converting 80’s and 90’s subculture aesthetic & the DIY lifestyle into clothing that evokes feelings of nostalgia. PLEASURES exudes feelings from the past interpreted into visual, cerebral, and wearable expression. Known for its designs that court controversies, a move that established it as one of the most proactive streetwear brands now.

 Alex James is an American designer that grew up in New Jersey. Although Alex was very into fashion as a child, he started his fashion career in 2004 by selling vintage clothing over the internet. In 2009, Alex James with another designer Michael Huynh dropped a brand named Publish. Publish was a menswear brand that personified the “cozy boy” movement. Publish copyrighted the term “jogger pants.”

After success with Publish, summer 2015 James launched PLEASURES which gained a lot of its success from good marketing and meaningful design. James’ first piece was a “RIP Morrissey 1995-2015” t-shirt, which had major shock value because it was seen as distasteful. People responded saying the design was insensitive being that Morrissey was not only not dead, but also battling Cancer at the time. James rebutted saying it was more so interpreting that Morrissey’s heart wasn’t in the music anymore. PLEASURES also gained a lot of traction from a tee with a Kurt Cobain suicide note & another piece with “A Girl is a Gun” slogan written on it. James stood by his designs stating “People connect with the name, the graphic language, the political statement about female empowerment & all these other things people weren’t talking about.”


By the time PLEASURES dropped its second collection it completely sold out, racking millions in sales. Since the launch, the brand has done collaborations with world famous fashion brands like ROKIT, Adidas, Joy Division, Converse, etc. It has grown into a global brand, experiencing more business in Asia than the USA. PLEASURES also gained popularity among celebrities! It's unique design has been worn by stars like Wiz Khalifa, Playboi Carti, The Weeknd, Kylie Jenner, and Miguel. Although celebrities choose to wear this popular brand, James described “Our brand is for people who can’t afford Gucci, Off White, or Heron Preston.” PLEASURES offer tees, hoodies, pants and accessories like hats, bags, and keychains! Shop the PLEASURES collection now available in-store APB boutiques.