Meet Va$htie Kola : DJ, Artist, Designer, Filmmaker and Consultant

Meet Va$htie Kola, the female powerhouse that has worked hard and gained respect from some of the industries best. Va$htie has quite the resume by doing what many women do best and excelling in many talents. 

“You have to be dedicated to things you want because there’s a lot of hard work behind it. Be absolutely passionate about whatever you are doing” - Va$htie Kola 


Va$htie Kola has created a respected name through her works with music video directing, fashion designing, creative consulting, filmmaking and more all in a creative league that is her own. Not only has Va$htie Kola been in the game for over a decade now, but she has also broken many barriers in the industry including being the first female to collaborate with Jordan Brand on her own Jordan sneaker, designing her own fashion line called VIOLETTE, revamping the company Island Def Jam as creative director, and many more accomplishments throughout her career. In this male dominated industry, Va$htie Kola, has a name that holds weight.

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