Puma Mirage Mox exclusively at APB

With its roots and history formed in DJ culture, we are marking the release of the Puma Mirage Mox is returning with an aesthetic and colour hues perfect for any active-inspired style icon. With light blue and bright pink accents elevating a padded grey-dominant upper, the Puma Mirage Mox proves itself to be a versatile option, on and off the dance floor.

To mark and celebrate the release of the Puma Mirage Mox. we also hosted an #APBAudio digital event! On 12.3, the community joined us for "The Art of Music: DJ Roulette", an educational and interactive digital event featuring a panel discussion with four DJs sharing experiences and technique, followed by a classic DJ battle!

The Puma Mirage Mox is now available exclusively from APB, online and in-store!