The Adidas Forum 84 Through Our Community’s Lens

A true and tested silhouette celebrated for its impact on culture across the world, the Adidas Forum 84 stands for personal expression and unique style, making a lasting impact since its introduction in 1984. The Adidas Forum “Orbit Grey” stands out with its heritage, vintage style, and the yellow hues that make it the perfect canvas for any form of self-expression. To mark the release of the latest Adidas Forum colorways, we connected with community champions who are committed to putting their imprint on our cities to hear their personal approach to making their own lasting impact.

Candice Johnson is a passionate advocate of the South Carolina music scene, creating BINACT as a platform to discover and explore the many talented artists of the often-overlooked local scene. Her approach in creating space for these artists was unlike any other, creating content and a podcast that is intended to keep motivating artists to keep chasing their dreams. Her goal remains to keep adding to her platform and to her content to shed a wider light on the unique projects and unmatched artists coming out of South Carolina.

Carving out a space to foster growth in his own way, Justice Cornelius Cox is an educator and creator of the Young Brothers Academy. He describes his purpose and journey as a selfless one, dedicated to educating, empowering and mentoring young minority youth in Greenville and upstate South Carolina, giving them the tools and access needed to bridge the gap where formal structures of education and resourcing fall short. In giving youth the knowledge and tools needed, he feels strongly that socio-economic mobility and opportunities will follow for these young minds to build from.

There are countless other stories to uncover. Wherever you are, keep connecting with us to share your personal community and creative pursuits, check out the latest Adidas Forum 84 releases - available in-store and online at APB!