The Fresh Pack

APB Capsule 002

The Fresh Pack, an APB Capsule highlighting the story of building your own legacy. Building a future with the neighbors who support you and lead you with positive energy.

The 6-piece Fresh Pack capsule builds inspiration from Capsule 001. Emphasizing the local aspect of APB and character of the culture we’ve cultivated in-space, translating the verbiage from the first collection into visual elements for the second collection, pushing design and vibes into nostalgic eras.

The Fresh Pack capsule features special collectable pieces meant to transition into your home and personal style. A pack of 5 buttons are smaller representations of the apparel designs that are adaptable onto any other pieces. The limited rug is the start of a collector’s item piece, evolving the energy felt at APB spaces with friends into your own home for comfort.

Locally rooted neighborhood champions always have to start somewhere. 

Who are you starting that legacy with?



The Fresh Pack, an APB Capsule launches at all APB spaces and online at apbstore on Saturday October 29th.

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