“The Naked Truth” about Denim

Wear “The Naked Truth” of denim when you put on a pair of Nudie Jeans. This Swedish company produces premium dry denim made from 100% organic cotton. Manufactured in Italy from Japanese denim, Nudie jeans have their own attitude and fit more like a “2nd skin” overtime. Creative director for the company, Maria Erixon stated “There’s almost nothing as timeless as a pair of jeans. They can be worn by babies… you can even be buried in your jeans” & that is just the naked truth. 

Each pair of Nudie Jeans has a distinct character. The denim is designed to be tailored to the consumer's body specifically; focusing on wear, body type, natural creases, even body temperature. Nudie is definitely breaking barriers in place for raw, unisex, ethnically produced denim. The brand is more than just jeans, they’re jeans that become a part of us. 


Nudie has been in the industry for 20 years! Denim should have a long life span, so step into a pair of innovations. When you shop Nudie, you're improving the quality of the environment for wildlife and cotton farmers. The brand merges passion into conceptual thinking which benefits loyal consumers. Like Nudie and the denim they produce, lets age beautifully and shop Nudie Jeans at apbstore.com