Bueno... It means good


Bueno, it means good. 

It means good. This is the Los Angeles latino based brand that provides nothing short of bueno and undoubtedly stands out to tell their story. Bueno has excelled in this industry due to its own ties to streetwear in its culture, considering street fashion a melting pot of art. Proudly, the brand aims to create a healthy space where latin art can live within streetwear. As an hispanic influenced brand, Bueno is built to raise awareness globally of the latin impact on the culture surrounding us. This company creates products for good people, by good people, and has a mission to educate with positivity and lead with love. Bueno is for sure meant to provide all things good through heritage, emotion and individuality.

Beyond deep roots to its culture, its style speaks for itself. The brand looks in a multitude of places past, present, & future when building out graphics for the brand. Many of their t-shirts incorporate retro designs and unique graphics while also integrating spanish lingo. If one enjoys tie-dye colorways and beautiful floral prints in their personal style then Bueno may be the brand for you. The core of its inspiration comes from “that'' kid; the boy or girl that’s looking for something to hold onto, something to call their own. This is something for everyone.

Fashion has no rules, it’s whatever you make it! Great brands do an amazing job at making you feel something. With all the internet, it’s hard to drown out trendy aimless products in any industry. The goal is for consumers to feel good about themselves and be associated with something positive. Being that everyone is a potential consumer, the language & relationship with customers is so important. Bueno never wants anyone to feel like they are not “Latin” enough to wear their clothing. Yes, Bueno has latin roots, but this is about making good products for good people & sharing its culture with the world. There are so many amazing latin people contributing to the industry that deserve praise. This brand is for them and aims to fill a gap in the streetwear industry that showcases latin culture, nostalgia, and versatility.


It feels good to shop from a brand that literally means good. A brand that highlights individuality; the quality or character of a particular person or thing that distinguishes them from others of the same kind *especially when strongly marked*. A brand that fills its Twitter with inspirational quotes & Instagram page with people who mean good. A brand that creates a product with a purpose, all the while celebrating the rich culture that is OUR own. Bueno believes in a brand with a message, it may not always be latin... But it will mean something.