Uncovering Nudie Jeans

What's the key components of the perfect jeans? Is it the design? A little distressing or a bit more raw denim? Is function taken into account? Seems like carpenter jeans seem to be making a bit of a comeback these days. Does comfort hold any weight in that argument? In certain fashionable circles there's an air of sacrificing comfort for the perfect look.Not quite sure it's worth it but to each their own.

For most, there's a sense of passion in the pursuit of the perfect pair. Trying to find one or two of the above characteristics can be a challenge in itself. Finding a pair with all aforementioned  traits can be nearly impossible, unless you know where to look. In this instance, one doesn't have to look far. Since 2001 the Swedish company has been cranking out a beautiful blend of style and comfort while crafting a culture of sustainability within the company that has echoed outward, resonating with their customer base. 

Denim should always be looked at as an investment. An investment in your wardrobe, an investment in your style and an investment in your expression. With programs like repair and reuse, Nudie Jeans are the type of investment that pays dividends. They can be regularly worn, broken in, beat up, all the above. Once they have the proper holes in your favorite places you can send your pair to one of their many repair shops to get patched up and sent right back so you can continue having fun in whatever form that comes. Yet still, proper care should still be taken to promote the longevity of the jeans. Hand-Wash-Cold is always the best treatment for any high quality garment to begin with. Hang dry in low temperatures to keep fading and discoloration to a minimum. Also, popping them in the freezer for a couple days is a quicker, more lethargic option. 

With multiple fit options from tight, slim regular or loose and the same amount of options in treatments from selvaged, raw, pre-washed and dry, they're a hard bargain to argue against. Now of course everyone has their preferences. That's just a given but if you're in the market for a new brand to try that gives a sense of equity with their products, Nudie seems to check all the right boxes. Are they perfect, not by any means but those flaws are up to you to uncover and weigh them against the stack of benefits of buying in.